Virtual OTP


Everything you need is on your smartphone. Activate the Virtual OTP service for even greater security when accessing and using Inbiz.




Who can use Virtual OTP?

All Inbiz customers who access the service with the token and OTP Electronic Signature.

Virtual OTP cannot be activated for use with the Digital Signature certificate. To change your credentials from Digital Signature or Remote Digital Signature to Electronic Signature with Virtual OTP, you will need to go to your branch to terminate the Bancaidentity Digital Signature contract.

Remember that the Digital Signature is mandatory for: Trade Services, Online Invoice Financing and the Easy Fattura electronic invoicing platform which is waived by joining the Virtual OTP.





It's even more secure

When you activate Virtual OTP you will no longer need to use the token. You will be able to access Inbiz and authorise transactions more easily and securely simply by entering your PIN or with your fingerprint using the Intesa Sanpaolo Inbiz app, that you can download on your smartphone. You will no longer have to use the code you read on the token. That means you are less exposed to phishing.

It's even faster

You will receive a notification on the app and be able to confirm all your transactions instantly using just your PIN or your fingerprint.

It's even handier

If your smartphone has Touch ID or Fingerprint you can even do without your PIN if you'd rather. You can use your fingerprint to access Inbiz and authorise transactions instead of entering your PIN.


After activating Virtual OTP, follow these 3 simple steps to access Inbiz:

- Go to the website then enter USER ID and PIN and press ENTER.

- A notification will be sent to your smartphone asking you to confirm access (remember to enable notifications for the Intesa Sanpaolo Inbiz app on your smartphone).

- Confirm access by entering the PIN directly on your smartphone or, if it is configured, confirm with your fingerprint.


How can I activate the service using the token?

If you use the token you can activate Virtual OTP on your own by following the instructions that will be provided in the reserved area of the Inbiz portal. You will need to have your smartphone and PC to hand. If you haven't already done so, download the Intesa Sanpaolo Inbiz app on your smartphone. Now, only if you are the Master user of the Inbiz contract, enter the site from your PC using the code generated by the token, enable the Virtual OTP service and ask to change to the new credentials for you and the other users.

Now you can switch to Virtual OTP in just a few steps:

- Open the Intesa Sanpaolo Inbiz app: associate the user in the welcome page, using the ASSOCIATE USER item found at the bottom left.

- Use a code generated by the token for the last time, then enter the code received by text message.

- From now on, the token is no longer active. Just use your smartphone. Keep it handy to access Inbiz and confirm your transactions.


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