Documentary Collection

The most convenient system to collect your credit against documents

  • Widespread network of correspondent banks.
  • Simple collection procedures.

Documentary collection (Collection) is an instrument  for settling foreign commercial transactions consisting in collecting financial or commercial documents by the bank.
It is a transaction in which the seller sends the relevant documents to the bank, after having shipped the goods, and instructs the bank to hand them over to the buyer at certain conditions (payment, acceptance of draft, etc.).

Documentary Collection allows both selling and purchasing business companies  to:

  • provide an intermediate level of protection between the maximum level ensured by documentary credit and the minimum level typical of a normal bank transfer,
  • ensure compliance with rules and procedures concerning the delivery of documents and/or bills and the collection of the agreed amount through the banks involved.
  • ensure the custody of  shipping  documents the delivery of which takes place only once the buyer meets his obligations (payment or acceptance of the draft).

Inbiz, the Corporate Internet Banking platform of Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo, allows  business companies  to simplify  the management and monitoring of complex transactions by:

  • communicating with the bank in every operating step of the collection:
  • consulting the reports on the existing transactions in real time;
  • cutting processing time;
  • allowing several users to use the application with different levels of personalised access and operations.

Advertising message. For details of the contractual terms of Inbiz and related products and services offered in Italy, please refer to the Fact Sheets available at the Branches and on the internet sites of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group Banks that offer Inbiz. In some countries, the products and services described herein may not yet be available or may be subject to restrictions or changes due to local law.

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