Documentary credit

The guarantee of timely collection/payment for documentary transactions

  • Autonomy from the underlying commercial transaction.
  • Elimination/mitigation of risks typically associated with foreign trade

Documentary credit is an instrument  for settling foreign commercial transactions by which the bank undertakes to pay a given amount (at sight or at maturity on behalf of the ordering party – “applicant”)  to  the  beneficiary, provided that the latter submits documents as per the terms set out in the documentary credit.

This instrument:

  • guarantees the beneficiary that the payment will be settled, according to the required terms described by the documentary credit
  • guarantees the applicant  that the payment to the beneficiary will be made only upon the presentation  of documents in compliance with t the terms and conditions set out in the credit;
  • can be used both for the supply of goods and for other purposes (e.g., for turn-key delivery of entire plants).

Inbiz, the Corporate Internet Banking platform of Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo, allows business to  simplify the management and monitoring of complex transactions by:

  • communicating directly with Intesa Sanpaolo SpA  with  the platform at every step  of the documentary credit process in case of :
    • import documentary credits to be issued  - (issue request  , digital signature  of the contracts, both in case of issuing and in cas of   amendments,  drawing  and acceptance of documents, discharge etc ) and
    • export documentary credits to be received – - (pre-advice, notification,  drawing,  amendments etc);
  • consulting reports of documentary credits managed through the platform in real time;
  • cutting the processing time;
  • allowing several users to use the application at the same time with different levels of personalised access and operations.


Advertising message. For details of the contractual terms of Inbiz and related products and services offered in Italy, please refer to the Fact Sheets available at the Branches and on the internet sites of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group Banks that offer Inbiz. In some countries, the products and services described herein may not yet be available or may be subject to restrictions or changes due to local law.

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