SWIFTNet services: MA-CUG and SCORE

  • SWIFTNet is a communications network linking Banks and Companies, enabling financial and transactional information to be circulated globally in a highly reliable, secure manner

An increasing number of companies operate at international level through “legal entities” present in several countries. The increasingly complex financial management of these companies requires the streamlining of treasury activities, and consequently calls for the optimisation of working capital.


SWIFT has made it possible to meet such requirements, by creating a secure, reliable, international network -SWIFTNet– which enables companies to communicate by standard means shared by all members of the network.

Intesa Sanpaolo, through SWIFTNet, offers its customers the opportunity to take advantage of a wide range of services and products, covering a broad variety of operating requirements.


Description of the service


Companies access SWIFTNet in two ways: MA-CUG (Master Administrated Closed User Group) and SCORE (Standardised Corporate Environment).


Geographical coverage of Intesa Sanpaolo’s offer


The SWIFTNet MACUG and SCORE services are available in over 20 countries (Intesa Sanpaolo Group branches and banks in Italy, Intesa Sanpaolo’s international branches, and International Banks in which the Group has a shareholding)


Distinctive features


SWIFTNet offers various methods of handling messages. Through MA-CUG and SCORE, Intesa Sanpaolo supports both the FIN standard and the FileAct communications system.


Benefits for customers


Customers joining SWIFTNet through Intesa Sanpaolo are offered the following benefits:


Operative benefits


  • An improved payments authorisation process
  • The centralisation of a corporate group’s treasury activities vis-à-vis Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Increased security


Financial benefits


  • Centralisation, at central treasury level, of the payment activities of secondary offices, leading to improved control over liquidity, thanks also to the international liquidity management services that may be connected
  • Standardisation and harmonisation of the dialogue between Company and Bank, guaranteeing a reduction in the respective operating costs


Why choose Intesa Sanpaolo?


The Intesa Sanpaolo Group has already helped numerous customers with complex corporate structures, by providing them with solutions designed to increase the efficiency of their financial management and information processes in relation to national and international counterparties, in a secure, reliable, standardised manner.

The SWIFTNet services offered by Intesa Sanpaolo are highly integrated with the Group’s other transaction banking services, thus making the Group the ideal partner, capable of meeting company several requirements.




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