Treasury Payments

Single platform, automatic, immediate transfers

  • Fully automated payment management (Straight Through Processing)
  • Favourable cut off and terms

Intesa Sanpaolo offers Companies, Financial Institutions and Public Entities the option of making treasury payments between accounts held by companies belonging to the same group with minimum payment flow processing times and fully automated execution. 

Through Inbiz, the Intesa Sanpaolo Group's new Corporate Internet Banking solution, customers can make urgent intercompany payments, in any convertible currency, to replenish accounts or to repatriate funds and benefit from more favourable cut offs and substantial costs savings.

Further reductions in costs and time can be achieved by integrating Inbiz with the customer's accounting system: this way flows can be uploaded automatically into the Internet Banking platform to be sent to the bank and reporting flows can be retrieved for accounting reconciliation.

Advertising message. For details of the contractual terms of Inbiz and related products and services offered in Italy, please refer to the Fact Sheets available at the Branches and on the internet sites of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group Banks that offer Inbiz. In some countries, the products and services described herein may not yet be available or may be subject to restrictions or changes due to local law.

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