Code blocking and protection

If you forget your codes

If you do not remember your Holder Code, you can retrieve it from your contract or, if not possible, from your company manager or at your bank branch to generate. 

if you do not remember your PIN Code and

  • you use the OTP device to generate temporary passwords,
    you can ask your company manager or your bank branch to generate a new PIN, which you will then change the next time you connect to Inbiz services.


  • you use an USB key with digital certificate,
    you should launch the appropriate functionality available in the device menu. Remember to have your PUK Code that you have received with the device with you.



In the event of theft, loss or illegal use

Once aware of the loss, theft or illegal use, or in general, of an unauthorized use of all or any personal Codes, you must promptly inform the bank and your company manager and request that your access Codes be blocked. In all these cases you may go to your branch and request a new access device (OTP devices or USB keys).



Direct blocking of Codes

If you are a user who uses the OTP device, you can autonomously block your codes. To be able to block your codes, you must enter an incorrect PIN code five times in a row (entering the correct Holder and OTP Codes).

In order to revoke the direct blocking of codes, you must then contact your company manager or go to your branch, choosing from the following options:

• Simple revocation of the block, maintaining your previous codes.

• Revocation of the block and request for a new PIN Code, which will be sent to your personal e-mail address.

• Delivery of a new OTP device, only in the event of theft of or damage to said device.



Data and Code protection

Please remember that your access codes are strictly personal: they should not be disclosed to third parties, and absolutely must be stored separately.

It is advisable to change your PIN frequently, using the features available in the dedicated section within the Inbiz services.

Do not tell anyone your Codes: our security policies will never request that you provide your access codes via e-mail or telephone to the Bank.


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