Cash Management, Trade, Factoring and Electronic Invoicing in a single platform with high security levels

A single gateway to all Intesa Sanpaolo Group branches and banks worldwide. A single platform for collections and payments, account information, trade and factoring. In Italy also electronic invoicing services are available. Access using digital signature and OTP (One Time Password) to ensure high levels of security. 

Inbiz is the Intesa Sanpaolo Group's new Corporate Internet Banking solution, which enables Companies, Financial Institutions and Public Entities to manage the following services in total security, due to the use of digital signature or OTP (according to local capabilities):

Electronic Invoicing

To manage the sales cycle and purchasing cycle of invoicing, including archiving of electronic documents valid for tax purposes (in Italy).


Cash Management

To manage local and international collections and payments from a single platform at the Intesa Sanpaolo Group's branches and banks worldwide, and to obtain timely account information from any of the group’s branches and/or bank, as well as from any other banks linked to the SWIFT network.



To manage domestic and international guarantees, letters of credit and Stand-by Letters of Credit(*) via the web.

(*) Available soon.



To use a broad range of services to manage receivables via the web.

Companies, Financial Institutions and Public Entities will be able to streamline the management of their business, due to the continuously updated innovative solutions offered by Inbiz. 

In addition to offering technologically cutting-edge services, Intesa Sanpaolo provides teams of specialists at its branches and subsidiary banks that provide assistance tailored to customer's needs. Middle offices are also available to ensure high quality execution and seamless service.

Advertising message. For details of the contractual terms of Inbiz and related products and services offered in Italy, please refer to the Fact Sheets available at the Branches and on the internet sites of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group Banks that offer Inbiz. In some countries, the products and services described herein may not yet be available or may be subject to restrictions or changes due to local law.

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