Our offer throughout the world

Intesa Sanpaolo has always been committed to offering the most advanced solutions and services for efficient management of financial and business flows at global level, through our network of Group banks which guarantee widespread presence throughout Italy, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean basin. Intesa Sanpaolo also has specialist branches in the major financial markets in Western Europe, Asia and in the Americas.
This section of our portal provides fundamental information about Intesa Sanpaolo around the world, for example:

  • a list of our branches;
  • a list of our most important Cash Management, Trade and Factoring services available in each country


Advertising message. For details of the contractual terms of Inbiz and related products and services, please refer to the Fact Sheets available at the Branches and on the internet sites of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group Banks that offer Inbiz. Some of the products and services herein described may not yet be available or may be subject to restrictions or changes due to local law.

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