Manage your trade finance transactions from a single portal.


Trade Services is the Inbiz  module that simplifies the commercial process with the Bank, making communication more efficient and rapid thanks  to dematerialization and digital signature of contract agreements and instructions.

Inbiz Trade Services offers a wide range of services for managing:

- Import/export documentary credits


- Stand by letters


- International guarantees to be given/received


- Import/export documentary remittances 


If you are already availing yourself of  Inbiz “Imprese evoluto” or “Corporate” you can immediately activate Inbiz Trade Services: no installation of specific software and  no additional activation costs are required.


- Efficient: manage and consult online all the deal processing phases; you do not need  to go to the branch and you optimize processes and timeframes


- Evolved: manage contracts, instructions and communication with the bank electronically


- Modular and customizable: decide which services to activate according to your needs. Enable users  based on your company’s organization


- Secure: Inbiz Trade Services, also thanks to  digital signature, offers you the top security levels of Inbiz


Your relationship manager at the branch is available to assess the best solution for your needs.



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For the contractual  and financial conditions of the services presented above  please refer to the Information Sheets available at Branches and on the Intesa Sanpaolo website. The sale of the presented products and services is subject to prior assessment and approval by the Bank.

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